Wine Protector for Grapesafe
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Wine Protector for Grapesafe



About This Project

Grapesafe approached Prouza Design Workshop with a project to re-design & finalise their existing wine carrier concept.


A number of technical and aesthetic improvements were incorporated into the design, resulting in a product fit to house premium Australian wines during air travel.


The case was slightly reduced in size, but still accommodates 95% of wine bottle types prevalent in the Australian wine export market in a single carrier. It was made more robust and part count was reduced for simplified manufacturing, using only 2 materials and a single manufacturing process, injection moulding. Foam injection moulding was explored for the interior cushion, as a manufacturing method not commonly used in Australia.


Aesthetically, the product was re-designed for better placement in the luxury products sector. Shapes, materials and surface finishes were carefully selected to enhance the experience of encapsulating and later opening a travel case containing high-end wine.